Residential Treatment

Building a Solid Foundation for a Life in Recovery

Residential treatment facilities are often helpful with continuing to build a new lifestyle and mindset along with a variety of tools that can be essential in building a solid foundation for a life in recovery. Residentials are a live-in healthcare facility providing therapy for substance use disorder, mental illness or other behavioral problems.

A residential treatment program offers the opportunity to try new things, express complex feelings, and work through trauma in a safe environment. Residents are relearning and reforming old patterns of thought and behaviors within a community of individuals struggling with the same issues. The average residential treatment ranges from 28 days to 12 months.

If you need help finding a residential facility AccessDirect Recovery Network can help direct and connect you fast to a residential facility based on your needs.

Signs That You May Need Help

  • You experience intense cravings
  • Your tolerance has increased
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop
  • You’re physically and psychologically dependent on drugs
  • Your life revolves around getting, using and finding ways and means to get more
  • You continue to use in spite of negative consequences
  • You’ve begun to do things you never thought you’d do in order to get drugs or get high
  • You’ve begun to change your circle of friends to accommodate your drug use
  • Life seems hopeless

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