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Connecting with a live person at a critical time saves and changes lives. See what the community and the people we serve are saying about AccessDirect Recovery Network.

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Hillary Martel


“My Uncle Shawn has struggled hard with addiction as everyone knows. I always shared his story. I would always drive out to him during his tough times, get lunch together (BK was our spot) I prayed often to see him sober and healthy.

Today I went out to breakfast with my Uncle who is now many months sober. HE paid for my meal. To see how proud he was to pay for my meal was the highlight of my day. He has a job, he has a roof over his head, he doesn’t look ill. I hope he continues this path because I’m really enjoying seeing him sober for once.

Of course, he didn’t do this on his own. And I didn’t do all the work either. If it wasn’t for Ryan and AccessDirect Recovery Network, I don’t think I would have been having breakfast with my uncle this morning.

Ryan has got my uncle into many rehabs. Everytime my uncle would message him for help, he was there. He never has turned him away. I couldn’t thank Ryan enough for being so supportive to my uncle when I just mentally couldn’t. If you or someone you know is in need of recovery, please contact them.”

Joseph Gagnon


“I am an extremely grateful recipient of the help through AccessDirect Recovery Network. I’m very thankful that Ryan Paige has been in my corner since day one. He is someone I’ve known since I was a teenager, and I’m glad he has been there every step of the way.

I speak highly of AccessDirect Recovery Network, it gave me hope, strength, and gratefulness. I’m currently almost 5 months clean and sober. I was able to get placed in one of the best detoxes in New England at Liberty Health Recovery in Derry, NH.

From there I got the good help from staff to direct me to where I currently reside in a sober home called Michael’s House of Massachusetts. Thank you to the program and everyone at AccessDirect Recovery Network.”