About Us

We Provide Direction and Connection!

When YOU are ready, WE are ready!

Our organization was founded on the belief that people deserve access to treatment options and recovery resources when they are ready to receive them. We work 24/7 and are committed to building extensive relationships with recovery resources locally and nationally to be able to have options available upon each call.

Headquartered in Maine, AccessDirect maintains a strong local presence in the recovery community and works hard to make a difference.

Do not give up hope!

Signs That You May Need Help

  • You experience intense cravings
  • Your tolerance has increased
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop
  • You’re physically and psychologically dependent on drugs
  • Your life revolves around getting, using and finding ways and means to get more
  • You continue to use in spite of negative consequences
  • You’ve begun to do things you never thought you’d do in order to get drugs or get high
  • You’ve begun to change your circle of friends to accommodate your drug use
  • Life seems hopeless

Our Network Partners

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